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"Fair Play, Every Day!"

VSCI - a world of football

Founded in 2013 by a group of Sunday soccer fathers, the Vésinet Sport Club International (VSCI) has grown to become a footballing family of over 200 members based in Le Vésinet. Amongst our membership, we are proud to count over 50 different nationalities from around the world. Our mission is a simple one: to Foster Fantastic Football, through Fun and Fair Play... Every Day!

Fair Play, Every Day

During the Olympics of ancient Greece, atheletes would swear an oath before Zeus to follow the rules and play fair. In the Middle Ages, medieval knights followed a code that included loyalty, courage, and generosity. And during the 18th and 19th centuries on the football and rugby fields of England, the concept of Fair Play evolved into a set of written rules and unwritten ideals that have come to define modern sport. Here at the VSCI we value respect for each other and for the 'beautiful' game, above all else. 

Since 2021, VSCI teams have played in the Ile de France Fed Fédération Française de Football (FFF) league. We have 7 teams in competition, including girls and boys teams, across a range of age groups from 6 to 35 years old. We run two training sessions per week at our training grounds at the Stade de Montesson. Click here to find out more about our teams via the FFF website.

Good Causes

We believe that "Fair Play, Every Day" means carrying these values off the football pitch and into the community, and beyond. The VSCI strives to be more than just a football club, and actively participates in charitable donations for the Secours Populaire each year. The association has also sought to reach further afield, organising a collection for an orphanage in Cameroun (AHVEC France) and purchasing school equipment for a village in Ivory Coast. 

Our Sponsors 

The VSCI simply could not have become the association it is today with the financial support of a number of wonderful local businesses. We are immensely grateful to our growing number of sponsors. If you're interested in helping out and growing your profile, please do get in touch!

Our Team

Originally founded in 2013 by the tireless and football mad Mathieu Maillot, the VSCI exists thanks to the dedication of President Guillaume Quesnot, General Secretary Francois Odam, and a large supporting cast of Mums & Dads who keep the wheels turning. Our fantastic coaching team has now expanded to over 20 coaches and volunteers, including an ex-professional footballer from Peru!


Contact as at vsci@vsci.fr. Follow us on Facebook.


<<Le VSCI a pour objet la promotion de la pratique et du développement du football, notamment par l'organisation de réunions sportives transnationales, dans un cadre familial, avec un constant respect du fair-play ; les valeurs communes à chacun des membres de l'association sont : le respect de l'adversaire, des règles, des décisions de l'arbitre et de l'esprit du jeu, mais aussi la loyauté, la maîtrise de soi et la dignité dans la victoire comme dans la défaite.>>